Ali Ath Songs

Back To Artists Menu Albums: Various Innocent Evil Ali ATH – Innocent Ali ATH – Bache_Raees Ali ATH – Farar Nako ft Jamal Mubariz Ali ATH – I Feel Good Ali ATH – Nameta Aantan ft Hashem Pasha Ali ATH – Nightmare ft Aatoon Aatoor Ali ATH – Qawi BashRead More →

Mustafa Sufi Songs

Back To Artists Menu ALBUMS: Ghazal Live Various Born on October 26, 1989 Mustafa (Sufi) is one of the lovers of classical music, and loves to sing ghazal style of music, also loves making composition and poetry Follow Us On Facebook More →

Sebrat Sahab Songs

Back To Artists Menu Sebrat Sahab – Chashman Sia Sebrat Sahab – Yaare Jaani Sebrat Sahab – Banoo Sebrat Sahab – Emroz Mirwais Sahab – Morwari Dana Dana Sebrat Sahab – Ai Dil Sebrat Sahab – Ba Yade Roye Tu Sebrat Sahab – Bahar Migozarad Sebrat Sahab – Dilbar DilbarRead More →

Wais Jaihoon Songs

Back To Artists Menu Wais Jaihoon Songs Wais Jaihoon – Khanda Kon Wais Jaihoon – Hejran Wais Jaihoon – Yar e Nazanin Follow Us On Facebook More →

Shafiq Sroosh Songs

Back To Artists Menu Shafiq Sorosh was born in Shiberghan. He has completed his studies till twelfth grade. Shafiq used to listen to Farhad Darya’s songs while studying and remembers that everytime he stood in front of a mirror, he pictured Farhad Darya and wanted to become an artist likeRead More →


Back To Artists Menu Mohammad Zartosht is a talented Afghan Rapper. Mohammad Zartosht Songs Zartosht – Lochak Zartosht – Chort Nazan Zartosht – Gap Chi Ast Zartosht – Ft MT – Segret Hai Shabana Zartosht – Ft Nilab – Madness Zartosht – FT Script_Criminal – Afghan Rap Zartosht – GhalandarRead More →

Aqil Sharify Songs

Back To Artists Menu Aqil Sharify Songs Aqil Sharify – Atre Gul Aqil Sharify – Az Einja Ta Ba Kabul Aqil Sharify – Shahre Mazar Jan Aqil Sharify – Bi To Aqil Sharify – Biwafaye Aqil Sharify – Faramosh Aqil Sharify – Ghazal Misakhtam Aqil Sharify – Kerishma Aqil SharifyRead More →

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Hamayoon Angar Songs

Back To Artists Menu DOWNLOAD Hamayoon Angar Songs (MP3) Homayoun Angar – MAJNUN Hamayoon Angar – Wakhtona Farhad Shams and Hamayoon Angar – Pashto Hamayoon Angar – Da Stergo Jang Hamayoon Angar – Yara Zindagi Hamayoon Angar – Wale Bulbule Hamayoon Angar – Naa Naa Nanaa Jinai Wala Da Hamayoon Angar – Makawa Baane Sherina Hamayoon Angar –Read More →