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Abdullah Kamal Rafi Safi is an Afghan singer and tabla player who was born in Germany. At the age of 5 he grew an interest in tabla, harmonium and singing. To play tabla he tried to use everything he could get his hands on.

At the age of 12 he started to learn tabla with his father, Ustad Same Rafi. His father is an established tabla player himself. He is also a great singer, poet and writer and teaches tabla, harmonium and singing.

Abdullah’s musical training with his father is not limited only to tabla. He has also been trying to acquire the right knowledge about classical music as well as raga, sur, taal, and rythm. Under his father, he has learnt various tabla styles at a high level. He is a student of Khayal, Thomri, Ghazal, Qawali, Pop, Folk, and a number of musical Instruments. He has also had some experiences with western musicians concerning tabla. He plays tabla very skillfully and puts a lot of emphasis on the sound quality and the contact with it. His first appearance in solo tabla was at the age of thirteen.

In 2009 Abdullah Kamal Rafi was on a music tour with Farhad Darya, a well-known Afghan pop singer.
Abdullah has also accompanied some other Afghan, Indian and Pakistani popular artists.

Afghan Singer Musician Abdullah Kamal Rafi Songs – Afghan Music Online
آهنگ های عبدالله کمال رفیع صافی

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