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Ahmad Morid ( احمد مريد‎) popular as Morbid (born October 14, 1956 in Kabul, Afghanistan) is an Afghan veteran singer of Afghanistan’s music golden era of late 1970s and early 1980s. He is credited to be the only singer to have rivaled, at the zenith of his career, the popularity of Ahmad Zahir.
He currently lives as a reclusive exile in Hamburg, Germany.
Ahmad Morid comes from a prominent family in Kabul and grew up among eight siblings, three sisters and five brothers. He is the youngest of five brothers. In his childhood, Ahmad was fascinated by the music and loved the music. Already in kindergarten, “Shir Joije” he sang in the choir group, which was conducted under the supervision of Ustad Gholam Hussein Khan and Ustad Nazar Nataki (father of the famous Baba-e-Musiqi). Later, Ahmad Morid attended primary school and secondary school, high school, “Habibiya Kabul. In 1971 he also attended the secondary school of music. There Ahmad learned to play on the harmonium, which turned out later to be crucial for his music. He also honed his vocal skills and properly supervised by his teacher, Ustad Salim Sarmast. After his additional musical training Ahmad Morid was more often on the stage and enjoyed a steadily increasing popularity.
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