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Ahmad Ozair was born at 01/01/1987, Kabul Afghanistan

Ahmad Ozair was born in Kabul and studied school in different places started in Kabul then went to pakistan on 1994 and finished high school there after finishing english language studies he returned to Afghanistan, starting 2009 he studied classical music for two years and his first song was recorded at 2012 which was composed by Shafiq Mureed.
On his own words “i love music and i respect all artists weather they live inside or out-side of Afghanistan”.

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Ahmad Ozair – Mahe Man
Ahmad Ozair – Kach Bana
Ahmad Ozair – Barge Gul
Ahmad Ozair – Bestare Khiyal
Ahmad Ozair – Naat
Ahmad Ozair – Shab Ta Ba Sahar
Ahmad Ozair – Zepesham Merawey
Ahmad Ozair and N. Saberpoor – Armane Dil

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