Anisa Wahab (Actress/Musician, Exile Theatre) was born in Kabul in 1957-2010. She became a well-known child star in Afghan television/film and continued for many years prior the Taliban regime. She worked as an actress and commentator for Children’s Radio and TV programs, performed in many TV dramas, films and on stage at the Kabul Theater from 1973 to 1992. She was a children’s singing trainer at Pioneer’s Palace from 1973 to 1982, performed as an actress in Mazar Theater from 1992 to 1994, and in many BBC soap opera dramas.

After immigrating to Peshawar, Pakistan, during the Taliban regime, she worked as an actress for the N.B.S.D project (a children’s rights awareness project) in Peshawar in 1999, and the BBC. Ms. Wahab is a founding member of Exile Theatre and an actress and musician for the company. In 2005, she traveled to Japan and the USA (P-3 visa) with the premiere production of Beyond the Mirror, and served on panels on the Arts in Conflict Zones at several US universities during the company’s two-month tour in New York, Baltimore and Washington DC. She appeared in numerous short films, radio dramas, and TV soap opera dramas. She was also a skilled tambur and tabla percussionist in Afghan and Indian music, a rarity for Afghan women. One of the few women in the theatre field, she continues to be a well-known and widely loved theatre, film and TV personality in Afghanistan.