Beltoon Songs

Back To Artists Menu Albums 1-Dari Songs 2-Pashto Songs Beltoon  is an Afghan singer from 80’s He was born in Chakari village of Khaki Jabbar, Kabul. He spent most of his life in Logar Province of Afghanistan. Beltoon mostly sings in Dari and Pashto languages. His is famous for FolkloreRead More →

Ahmad Parwiz Songs

Afghan musician, singer, composer and song writer Ahmad Parwiz was born on 15th of February in Kabul Afghanistan. From his 13th birthday he learned to play the tabla and the harmonium and he started to combine his singing with these instruments. Ahmad Parwiz Songs Ahmad Parwiz – Bosa Baran AhmadRead More →

Ahmad Ozair Songs

Back To Artists Menu Ahmad Ozair was born at 01/01/1987, Kabul Afghanistan Ahmad Ozair was born in Kabul and studied school in different places started in Kabul then went to pakistan on 1994 and finished high school there after finishing english language studies he returned to Afghanistan, starting 2009 heRead More →

Ahmad Obaid Songs

Back To Artists Menu Ahmad Obaid – Afghanistan Ahmad Obaid – Masti Chashman Ahmad Obaid – Nazanin Ahmad Obaid Songs – Afghan Songs – Afghan Music – Afghan MP3 Follow Us On Facebook More →

Ahmad Morid Songs

Back To Artists Menu Ahmad Morid ( احمد مريد‎) popular as Morbid (born October 14, 1956 in Kabul, Afghanistan) is an Afghan veteran singer of Afghanistan’s music golden era of late 1970s and early 1980s. He is credited to be the only singer to have rivaled, at the zenith ofRead More →

Ahmad Jawed Songs

Back To Artists Menu Ahmad Jawed feat Roughhouse – Love is lovely Elias S. and Ahmad J. – Kharabat Ahmad Jawed – Kojayi Ahmad Jawed – Nazanin Ahmad Jawed – Raqs Ahmad Jawed – Shab Ba Khelwat Ahmad Jawed – To Ahmad Jawed Ft Kaye Ree – Shekwa Ahmad JawedRead More →

Ahmad Fanoos Songs

Back To Artists Menu Ahmad Fanoos – Dar Nigahe Aashina Ahmad Fanoos – Deshab Dar Negahat Ahmad Fanoos – Gadahe Eshq Ahmad Fanoos – Joz Sar Koh Tu Ahmad Fanoos – Man Ashiqam Ahmad Fanoos – Beshnow Ai Gosh Ahmad Fanoos – Shame Tar Megzarad Ahmad Fanoos – Dilbar AhmadRead More →

Afsana Nawabi Songs

Back To Artists Menu Afsana Nawabi Songs Afsana – Da Dera Umra Musafir Afsana – Desmal Medozaam Afsana – Dil Az Tu Namigiram Afsana – Dilam Bisyar Tan Ast Afsana – Hale Ke Afsana Shodam Afsana – Man Mast-e Bahar-e Afsana – Pashto Afsana Nawabi – Da Dera Umra MusafirRead More →

Adeeb and Samim Juyan Songs

Back To Artists Menu Adeeb and Samim Juyan – Atr-e Bahar Adeeb and Samim Juyan – Chashman-e Yaar Adeeb and Samim Juyan – Khanom Qashange Adeeb and Samim Juyan – Qarsak Adeeb and Samim Juyan – Shokho Ballahe Adeeb and Samim Juyan – Yaran Adeeb Juyan – Deeda Afghan SingersRead More →

Abdulhai Wafa Songs

Back To Artists Menu Abdulhai Wafa – Dar Vasl Abdulhai Wafa – Farari Abdulhai Wafa – Koli Koli Abdulhai Wafa – Naz Naz Ast Yarem Abdulhai Wafa – Nazanin Abdulhai Wafa – Negah Abdulhai Wafa – Shamaly Jan Shamaly Abdulhai Wafa – Wada Dar Abdulhai Wafa – Zalim Dokhtar AfghanRead More →