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Awesta is an exciting new artist from Holland. Originally from Afghanistan, he is a young and talented singer/songwriter whose debut single, Dari Khabar, is out with khoob Records.

Produced by renowned music producer Tj Rehmi, the vibe of the track is one that could best be described as poetic Afghani electronica.

Influenced by the highly acclaimed and celebrated poet Ashqari, the song lyric is about a simple pure love and a devotional desire to be reunited with someone so far away. The Farsi words are full of beauty, symbolism and a deep sadness but also hope; the kind of hope from which one is eventually uplifted from darkness into light.

The music perfectly compliments the lyrics and the outcome is something that is
colourful and innovative. The mixture is one of electronic beats fused with real bass, ambient synth sounds, Indian flute, acoustic & jazz guitar flavours and the unique and emotive sound of Awesta’s voice.

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Awesta is an intelligent and sensitive artist who has been brought up in a world of colliding musical genres that morph into what he hears as a new sound. He is always exploring other exciting musical directions rather than restricting himself to only one specific style.

Watch out for his forthcoming album REBIRdTH which is a work that promises to be ground breaking. It is currently in production at the mood lab studio.
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