Baktash Joya Songs

Back To Artists Menu Baktash Joya Songs Baktash Joya – Mixed Qarsak Baktash Joya – Khyal Baktash Joya- Ab Nadida Moza Kashidom Baktash Joya – Khoda Hafez Baktash Joya – Payam Baktash Joya – Dunia-e-Eshq Baktash Joya – Rahat Bekhab Baktash Joya – Ashiq DedarRead More →

Baryalai Samadi Songs

Back To Artists Menu Baryalai Samadi (بريالی صمدي) is a singer/artist from Afghanistan. He was born in 1978, in Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan.Baryalai Samadi was born to Ustad Abdul Samad. His father was a singer/artist as well. Baryalai was in third grade when he found interest in music and singing.Read More →

Jawed Habibi Songs

Back To Artists Menu DOWNLOAD Jawed Habibi Songs (MP3) Jawed Habibi – Chi Konam Jawed Habibi – Freb Jawed Habibi – Uzbaki Jawed Habibi – Bahana-Remix Jawed Habibi ft Negar Mandegar – Shirin e Man Jawed Habibi – Saze Qataghan Jawed Habibi – Del Bechara Jawed Habibi – Bahana JawedRead More →

Almas Farahi Songs

Back To Artists Menu Almas Farahi one of the contestants on Afghan Star Season 7, Almas Farahi ousted in 2nd place. He continued  his work in music by releasing 2 official music videos in 2013. Almas Farahi Songs Almas Farahi – Dokhte Badakhshan Almas Farahi – Laily Almas Farahi – AbruRead More →

Beazhan Sultani Songs

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Wahid Aman Songs

Back To Artists Menu Wahid Aman Songs (MP3) Wahid Aman – Omre Man Wahid Aman – Gungay Wahid Aman – Faramosh Wahid Aman – Maihan Wahid Aman – RAP O GAP Wahid Aman – Asalaam Pashto Wahid Aman – Awaleen Ishqam Wahid Aman – Ay Nazanin Wahid Aman – AyRead More →

Naweed Neda Songs

Back To Artists Menu Naweed Neda Songs Ahmad Naweed Neda – Baran e Eshq Naweed Neda – Dokhtar Ziba e Shar Naweed Neda – Drogh e Eshq Naweed Neda – Kaj BeshenN Naweed Neda – Nazi Nazigak Naweed Neda – Salam Ai Mohammad Naweed Neda – Taqat Naweed Neda –Read More →