Abdulhai Wafa Songs

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Abdullah Tanha Songs

Back To Artists Menu Abdullah Tanha Songs –   Afghan Music Online Abdullah Tanha – Abe Baqaa Abdullah Tanha – Ahmad Zahir Mix Abdullah Tanha – Ai Qawme Ba Hajj Rafta Abdullah Tanha – Jashn-e Aroosi Abdullah Tanha – Meraqsad Zindagi Abdullah Tanha – Nawrooz Abdullah Tanha – Qesa-e-Dil AbdullahRead More →

Abdullah Muqurai Songs

Back To Artists Menu The great Afghan poet, singer & composer Abdul Baqi Muqurai, popularly known as Abdullah Muqurai was born in the small town (Muqurai) which is near by Ghazni province of Afghanistan. His father, Maulavi Abdul Wahab his grandfather & all of his uncles are religious figures andRead More →

Abdullah Hamid Songs

Back To Artists Menu Abdullah Hamid Songs Abdullah Hamid – Madar Abdullah Hamid – Qataghani Abdullah Hamid – Sham Afghan Singer Abdullah Hamid – Afghan Songs – Afghan Music آهنگ های عبدالله حمید Follow Us On Facebook www.facebook.com/AfghanMusicRead More →

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