Farhad Darya Songs

Farhad Darya Nashir (فرهاد دریا‎; born September 22, 1962) is an Afghan singer, composer and music producer. He serves as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) National Goodwill Ambassador for Afghanistan and is involved in numerous charitable organizations, such as Music Village and others. He has earned affection for notRead More →

Ehsan Aman Songs

Ehsan Aman born in 1959 (احسان امان) is a singer from Afghanistan. He is one of the few veterans of Afghanistan’s lost music Golden Age who’ve maintained their popularity over the decades. He already had public exposure in Afghanistan in the 1970s and early 1980s with his first singles andRead More →

Ahmad Zahir Songs

Ahmad Zahir (احمد ظاهر‎ – 14 June 1946 – 14 June 1979) was a singer, songwriter, and composer from Afghanistan. Among his fans, he is considered an icon of Afghan music and is sometimes called the “King of Afghan music”. His songs are mostly in Dari and based on PersianRead More →

Shafiq Mureed Songs

Shafiq Mureed شفیق مورید was born in Kabul and has lived his entire life inside Afghanistan. He is originally from Laghman province of Afghanistan. He graduated from school in Kabul. He wanted to become a singer since childhood. He learnt to play flute at age 1, and harmonica at ageRead More →

Sarban Songs

Abdul-Rahim Sarban (عبدالرحیم ساربان‎), known simply as Sarban, was an Afghan singer (1930 – April 2, 1993) Born in Kabul, Afghanistan he is known for his unique voice and music style that no other singer from Afghanistan has been able to imitate. Sarban’s songs are unrivalled for their choice ofRead More →

Seeta Q asemie Songs

Seeta Qasemie, (سيتا قاسمى; born 6 April 1983 in Kabul, Afghanistan) also known as Seeta Qaseme, is an Afghan singer/songwriter. She entered the Afghan music scene in 2008. She sings both in Pashto and Dari and lives in Germany. Ever since Seeta Qasemie was a child she wanted to beRead More →

Baazgul Badakhshi Songs

بازگل بدخشی یا بلبل بدخشی اما آدینه کی بود ؟ هفت سال پیش زمانیکه من خبرنگار یکی از رسانه های بین اللملی بودم روز گاری نامهِ را دریافتم که دقیقآ با این شعر آغاز شده بود شینم سرِ سنگ که ترا یاد کنم+”دیان”پسرم گویم که فریاد کنم این نامه کهRead More →

Zahir Howaida Songs

Zahir Howaida (ظاهرهویدا) (also spelled as Zahir Huwaida; February 28, 1946 – 5 March 2012) was an Afghan singer. He had been active since the 1970s and his popularity peaked with the hit single “Kamar Bareek-e-Man,” the renditions of which are sampled by Iranian and Tajik singers of Tajikistan upRead More →

Wahid Saberi Songs

Wahid Saberi (وحید صابري‎) is a popular singer from Afghanistan. He is one of the 1980s era singers who rose as a rival to the Goroh-e Baran band. He started his career in music industry back in 1977. In the early 1980s, he joined the group Gora Baran with FarhadRead More →

Wajia and Farid Rastagar So

Wajiha Rastagar (born 12. May 1967) (وجيهه رستگار) is a singer from Afghanistan. She is wife to fellow singer and composer Farid Rastagar. She sings in Pashto and Persian. She currently lives in Germany along with her husband & children, and she continues her career from there. Wajiha Rastagar isRead More →