Tawab Arash

Tawab Arash (born 1976) is a singer from Afghanistan. He was born in Herat and is the nephew of the acclaimed composer and singer Amir Jan Sabori. He is the younger brother of the famous Afghan film actor Nemat Arash. In 2012, after he moved to Russia, he started toRead More →

Tahir Shubab Songs

Tahir Shubab (طاهر شباب) is a singer from Afghanistan. He is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Tahir Shubab’s brother Sediq Shubab is also an artist. Tahir Shubab was born in Jalalabad, in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan. His Family hails from Panjsher, in the Kohistan/Parwan region of Afghanistan. After completing hisRead More →

Sima Tarana Songs

Sima Tarana (سیما ترانه) is an Afghan singer originally from parwan. She is popular in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. She currently resides in Canada from where she continues her music career. She has two new music videos and they are: Bewafa and Bache ZargarRead More →

Haji Saifo Songs

Saifo (Haji Saifo, 1942–1998) (حاجی سيفو‎) was an Afghan folkloric singer. He is remembered for his controversial and provocative lyrics, much of it he improvised as he sang. He believed the power of verbal freedom should rule over both studio recording session and live performances. As such, he loosely basedRead More →

Sohaila Zaland Songs

Sohaila Zaland (سهیلا ځلاند) is a popular singer of Afghanistan. She is the daughter of singer and composer Ustad Zaland. She is sister of composer Farid Zaland and singers Shahla Zaland and Wahid Zaland. Sohaila is married to an Iranian-American. Her song Waqti Ashiq Shawi (When you fall in love)Read More →

Shakib Hamdard Songs

Shakib Hamdard (شكیب همدرد‎), born as Ahmad Shakib, is a well-known singer of Afghanistan. He is of ethnic Hazara and currently continues his music career from United States. He is the first winner of Afghan Star, a TV reality show in Afghanistan. He migrated to Pakistan at the early ageRead More →

Shahla Zoland Songs

Shahla Zaland (شهلا زلاند‎) is an Afghan singer. She is the daughter of singer and composer Ustad Zaland. She is sister to composer Farid Zaland and singers Soheila Zaland and Wahid Zaland. Shahla shared stages with some of the most notable singer such as her father Ustad Zaland, her auntRead More →

Rishad Zahir Songs

Rishad Zahir is an Afghan singer and musician from the United States. He is the son of the Afghan singer Ahmad Zahir. Rishad Zahir was born in Seattle, Washington during his parents’ visit to the United States. After spending a year in Seattle, they all returned to Afghanistan. Soon after,Read More →

Ustad Rahim Bakhsh Songs

Rahim Bakhsh (رحيم بخش), commonly known as Ustad Rahim Bakhsh (استاد رحيم بخش) was an ustad (maestro) of Hindustani classical music and also of native Persian Khurasan classical music culture from Afghanistan. He is also well renown and popular in a few neighboring countries. He was born in Kharabat intoRead More →

Rahim Mehryar Songs

Rahim Mehryar (رحيم مهریار‎) was a singer from Afghanistan. He and his wife singer Parasto, were counted as one of the most successful musical duos in the late 1980s that dominated the pop music scene in Afghanistan. Later he moved to Germany, where he and his wife continued their music.Read More →