Ustad Awalmir Songs

Ustad Awalmir (استاد اولمیر‎) (born 1931 in Peshawar, British India – died April 24, 1982 in Kabul, Afghanistan) was a Pashtun composer, musician, singer, and poet who wrote and sang in the Pashto language. He began learning music as a teen from various music teachers and began to perform forRead More →

Amir Jan Sabori Songs

Amir Jan Sabori (امیر جان صبوری‎) is a singer, musician, composer, and poet from Herat, Afghanistan. There is a documentary about him called Golden Dream.[1] Amir Jan Sabori had a long hiatus in his career but returned in 2005 with his album This Is Life. He is also the uncleRead More →

Ahmad Wali Songs

Ahmad Wali (احمد ولی‎) is a popular Ghazal singer from Afghanistan. He began his career in the 1970s, becoming popular in his native country before he was forced to flee by political upheaval in Afghanistan. He continued his work after resettling in Germany, performing throughout Europe and the United States.Read More →