Baz Mohammad Mubariz Afghan pro MMA Champion my records in MMA is 3 win and 2 loss My Style is Boxing Wrestling Judo Kursh and Fitness I have 84 matches in Wrestling that I win 80 of them I hope that I have a lot of matches in different countriesRead More →

تعلیق حکم پنج سال حبس سلمان خان، ستاره بالیوود دادگاه عالی مومبای (بمبئی) حکم پنج سال حبس سلمان خان، ستاره بالیوود را به جرم قتل غیرعمد یک مرد بی خانمان در سال ۲۰۰۲ به حالت تعلیق درآورد امروز جمعه، ۸ مه، در حالی که بسیاری از هندی ها منتظر بودندRead More →

Partaw Naderi was born in Badakhshan a northern province of Afghanistan in 1331 [1953]. He studied in his birthplace and graduated from the Faculty of Sciences at Kabul University in 1354 [1976]. He was imprisoned in the notorious Pul-e-Charki prison by the Soviet-backed regime for three years in the 1970sRead More →

Lida Abdul Born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1973, she lived in Germany and India as a refugee before going to U.S. Her work fuses the formalist traditions she was trained in the US with the numerous aesthetic traditions – Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, pagan and nomadic – that collectively influenced AfghanRead More →

Karim Rawofi was born in beautiful city of of Mazar-e Sharif, north side of Afghanistan, from 1992 to 1998 Mr. Rawofi was strugling migrant back and fort from Mazar-e Sharif to Moscow, Russia, and Peshawar, Pakistan, Mr. Rawofi moved to Toronto, Canada in 1998, now days his best works ofRead More →

Homayoun Sakhi is a master of the Afghan rubab—the double-chambered lute that’s at the heart of Afghanistan’s Pashtun klasik tradition. Born in Kabul in 1976, Sakhi was heir to one of Afghanistan’s great musical dynasties. His father, Ghulam Sakhi was a student and brother-in-law of Ustad Mohammed Omar, a revered musicianRead More →

Hakim Ludin, is a master of most Latin American, African, Indian and Afghan percussion instruments. Hakim, who currently lives in Germany, began his musical career with a classical orchestral education at the conservatory of Karlsruhe in Germany. After completing his degree, the modern Jazz ‘n’ World percussionist, and classically trainedRead More →

Nawid Rezai Talented Afghan Model/Actor has been busy doing run way shows for major labels and worked with professional photographers and currently his moving towards acting carrier. Tahmana is the first movie he will be playing in as one of the leading roles. He recently worked with Sulo Clothing line asRead More →

Hammasa Kohistani, born 1987, whose parents had fled Afghanistan, said she was delighted but surprised, and hoped she would not be the last Muslim to receive the honour. Ms Kohistani was born in Tashkent, central Uzbekistan, after her parents were forced to flee Afghanistan. She speaks six languages, including Russian,Read More →