Khatera Yusufi is a well-known afghan-german journalist, tv-presenter, host of the afghan version of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, talk-show “Green View”. She is a womens´rights activist and the ambassador of the organization of war victims and disabled people in Afghanistan. K.Y. has studied TV journalism, production technique and OrientalRead More →

Samira Atash – She always knew She would become a fashion designer. Her mother and grandmother both designed and sewed their own fashionable garments, and passed on technical skills to her from a young age. At the age of six, She began hand sewing and illustrating designs, and was votedRead More →

Tamim Ansary grew up in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. He was named after Tamim-i-Ansar, one of two brothers who conquered Afghanistan for Islam 1200 years ago and who now lie buried in matching 12-foot-long marble tombs atop a hill overlooking the artists and poets cemetery. Ansary’s father taught science andRead More →

Siyar Bahadurzada was born in Afghanistan, Kabul in 1984. He came to The Netherlands in October 1999 with his family. After getting used to a new country with new people all around him, Siyar soon got restless and started looking for a challenge. Siyar started training Shooto at the Tatsujin Dojo inRead More →

Khalil Popal Afghan and a citizen of Sydney, Australia is a promising and rising footballer currently enjoying his career in Brazil playing with some big clubs. Known as the “Star Of Tomorrow” in Sydney, his passion and hard work for the world’s greatest game has paid great dividends enabling him toRead More →

Khadim Ali Trained in the discipline of Persian manuscript painting, Ali is inspired by his rich cultural heritage in the creation of introspective, jewel-like paintings that convey the complex history of this region. Eclectically rich in iconography drawn from Eastern and Western art histories, Ali’s work provocatively engages with ideas ofRead More →

Tamana Amini Afghan Actress Who lives and works in Afghanistan, She a employee of Afghan Film Production Called Dreamland Productions, Tamana has a main Role as an actress in her first Movie “Emaan” With Emaan Rasool in Actor role. She a stars as main actress in a TV serial “Az ManRead More →

Salam Sangi is with out any doubts the King of afghanistan Cinema the same as (Amitabachan)* from bollywood indian cinema. Salam Sangi is a famous actor who is originally from Panjshir. He came to cinema in 1977-78 and played his first film called Rabea Balkhi having the roll of a General.Read More →

Leena Alam is an Afghan Film Actress who has Acted in Films like , در سرزمین بیگانه In Foreign Land , لوری Loorie , بچه کابلی Kabuli Kid , سوگند عشق Promise of Love , خموش Silent Love ,چرخش در یک دایره Running in Circle and more…Read More →