Hakim Ludin, is a master of most Latin American, African, Indian and Afghan percussion instruments. Hakim, who currently lives in Germany, began his musical career with a classical orchestral education at the conservatory of Karlsruhe in Germany. After completing his degree, the modern Jazz ‘n’ World percussionist, and classically trained musician, played in several Jazz and avant-garde formations, and began composing music for popular German theatre groups.

Besides his own projects, studio work and appearances on television, Hakim has performed with critically acclaimed musicians like Jonas Hellborg, Terry Bozzio, Alex Acuna, and Luis Conte. He has lent his formidable musical talents to recordings by many gifted musicians and he is called upon regularly to act as the musical director for the International Jazz and Drum seminar at the Bayerische Musikakademie Marktoberdorf in Germany. Hakim has written three instructional books on playing percussion, which are considered to be fundamental works on the art.

His current projects include Planet Lounge, in which he collaborates along with Jazz pianist, Christoph Spendel, and sound artist, Naoki Kenji. Hakim is also involved with Blue Cave, which is a joint effort in global thinking with Blues Harpist, Chris Kramer, and he is a member of the Zarbang percussion ensemble.

In the field of modern Jazz ‘n’ World percussion, Hakim has established a new level of artistic work in the percussive arts. His sensitive approach to playing and his colorful musical images are in great demand on the live stage as well as in the recording studio. Inspired as it is by deep emotion, his magical sound can be called “lyrical Jazz”.