Shafiq Mureed Songs

Shafiq Mureed شفیق مورید was born in Kabul and has lived his entire life inside Afghanistan. He is originally from Laghman province of Afghanistan. He graduated from school in Kabul. He wanted to become a singer since childhood. He learnt to play flute at age 1, and harmonica at age 15. He used to sing among classmates and friends. He was encouraged by friends. He is a big fan of classical songs (Afghan, Indian, Pakistani). Shafiq Mureed attended musical school in Kabul in 2007. he wrote and composed his first hit song “Bewafa” in 2007 and became known throughout the country within the first six months of his career. His focus has always been more on the quality of the lyrics, music and compositions than the quantity of the songs and albums. He thinks that a song has four important components which are lyrics, composition, music and vocals; and if either one of these components lacks quality, it will have a negative effect on the whole song.[citation needed] He has skill in composition fusion, which attracts newcomers and makes them keen to start working with him. Shafiq Mureed has always been helping students and children. He is one of the first founders that made a green environment campaign in the year of 2007 and is also creating a music video on environmental protection.

Mureed has released three music albums and 12 music videos since the start of his singing career.

Ehsas (Feeling), released in 2008, was a hit album Consists 11 songs (Both Pashtu and Dari).Hasti Released in 2010 is one of the hit albums Consists 10 songs (Both Pashtu& Dari). De Afghanistan Mureed” (Afghanistan’s Devotee) released in 2012 this album was specifically worked on in order to spread positive messages throughout the country and encourage people towards a more stable Afghanistan. Every one of the songs has its own meanings and targets particular areas within the society, for instance, Peace, National Unity, Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police, Environmental Safety, Rehabilitation, Education, sport, etc.

Shafiq Mureed received an award from Hamid Karzai (President of Afghanistan) in 2012 for his hit Album Afghanistan’s Devotee. Shafiq Mureed has given eight VIP concerts for the private and governmental organizations, which include a concert for the Afghan National Army at KMTC, and other four big free concerts for the public in Jalalabad, Kabul and Balkh. The Jalalabad concert was organized on 7 November 2011 Eid-ulAdha with the participation of 17 thousand spectators. Two Concerts in Kabul, on 16 March, 2012 in Babur Gardens for the occasions of New Year and International Women’s Day for Afghan women in Kabul with the participation of approximately 13,000 spectators and a concert for orphans in Kabul on July 6 -2012. The Balkkh concert was held on March – 30 – 2012 in Mazar e Sharif City on March 30 with the participation of around six thousand spectators. Shafiq Mureed has a wide base of fans in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, India, USA and other countries where Afghans dwell. He has got married with Naghma daughter.
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