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Shafiq Mureed Songs

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Shafiq Mureed (شفیق مرید ‎) is an Afghan singer born in Kabul, Afghanistan. His Parents are from the Laghman Province of Afghanistan. Shafiq is of Pashtun origin. As a singer he was influenced by Nazir Khara who taught him for few months. Later he went on to produce one of his singles in Pakistan. “Dar Aan Nafas Ki Bimiram” was recorded in Lahore city and arranged by Ivan Shafiq. Later it was edited in Lala Studios, Kabul. Since then Shafiq has gained popularity in Afghanistan. He is known for his songs “Wali Rana Lari”, “Hara Lar ran wroka” and “Shabo Roz Dar Feraq”.
He won an award for his song “Beautiful Afghanistan” from the Ministry of Information and Culture for its inspiration and patriotism. This well loved anthem is regarded as an unprecedented service for Afghan music, especially for Pashtu singing.

Shafiq Mureed has a natural voice and sings with great expression and passion. He takes pride in singing in his unique, spontaneous voice without the need for computerized effects. He is popular all over the subcontinent with a wide base of fans in Afghanistan and in several other countries where Afghans dwell.
Most of his songs poems are written by Naim Atarud, Satar Saadat, Pir Mohammad Karwan and many other well known poets. The song which became very famous is Wali Rana Lari which the poem is written by Naim Atarud and composed by Shafiq Mureed.

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